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About Voices in Japan

Discover what everyday life in Japan is REALLY like! Weekly podcast episodes with half-Japanese/half-American Burke (22 years in Japan), Ben from England (17 years in Japan) and Matt from Australia (19 years in Japan) sharing experiences on dating, marriage, working at Japanese companies, teaching at all education levels, traditions, martial arts, the struggles of life here, and the reasons why Japan is truly an amazing place to be living!



Burke, a half-Japanese and half-American, arrived in Japan in 2002 to discover his roots, and woke up two decades later on the VIJ podcast sharing all the secrets of this enchanted land! Ben, an Englishman of Chinese descent, came to Japan in 2007 to shred the legendary Hokkaido powder, with the intention of staying for a year or two. Many years later, he is still there. Matt, an Ozzie from down under joined the podcast team in 2022 to add more spunk! And boy, did he!

What the Press says

"The best lifestyle podcast about the land of the rising sun."

- The Japan Times



"The best podcast to learn about daily life in Japan."

- Time Out Tokyo


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"One of the best podcasts for learning about travel, culture, studying Japanese and more."

- Live Japan


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"The podcast is great for those living in Japan (or thinking about it), traveling to Japan, or even for anyone who wants to practice their English listening skills!"

- Hokkaido Guide



Thank you! So much!!

megmar529 via Apple Podcasts

United States of America

“Japanese life and culture has always fascinated me, and I have attempted to jump into YouTube channels that I thought would give me that authentic feeling I was looking for, alas, to no avail. Little did I know that a podcast could, AND would deliver that, AND more, this podcast is the answer to what I was looking for. And, believe it or not, without visuals. Just listening to these two (and their great guests) speak about their experiences, I have gotten to know so much, and I appreciate the way in which they convey the subtleties, it comes off effortless, but with no less less potency. Great work, guys! I look forward to your continued efforts!”

What people say

Finally some Hokkaido love

Hurricane1123 via Apple Podcasts

United States of America

“I love that there’s finally a podcast catered specifically to Sapporo and Hokkaido. There’s too many podcasts about Tokyo/Kyoto/Osaka, so to finally listen to a podcast about the best prefecture in Japan is a breath of fresh air! Not to mention the actual fresh air from the beautiful Hokkaido nature :D Thanks for the insight on this wonderful part of Japan, gentlemen! Looking forward to future episodes ありがとうございます!”

Good Podcast

Xenomorph 1 via Apple Podcasts


“I’m really enjoying listening to your podcasts- I live in Japan and think your observations are really spot on and accurate. You guys seem to have great chemistry and are very candid and funny. A good podcast for anyone who might be wondering what it’s really like to live and work in Japan. Keep up the good work!”

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